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What the M

Kent D. McPhail and Stephen M. Hladik

Do you ever wonder who is behind the scenes collecting and processing all those monthly mortgage payments throughout the entire country? In the world of residential mortgages, the mortgage servicing industry is a critical but not always visible player in the lending and home ownership process. Unveiling how mortgage servicers manage the residential homeownership industry is the concept behind “What the M,” a new podcast that discusses the complex issues facing default services and the path forward for the mortgage industry and homeowners alike. The industry is comprised of more than 160 mortgage servicers representing more than 80% of the outstanding principal balances on mortgages in the U.S. Without the involvement of these vital mortgage servicers, obtaining and maintaining a home mortgage as we know it would not exist.“‘What the M’ features industry movers and shakers discussing the challenges faced by mortgage servicers, law firms and the American homeowner,” said Stephen Hladik, one of the co-hosts for the podcast and chair of the Advisory Council of the Legal League 100. “We will discuss trends in the economy, regulatory oversight, changes in the law, changes in technology and a myriad of other factors affecting the industry.”Hladik and co-host Kent McPhail are experienced attorneys with multistate practices in the default servicing industry. Both have decades of experience representing secured creditors; however, each host brings his own unique perspective to the podcast. McPhail hails from the Deep South (think boiled peanuts and shrimp & grits), while Hladik hails from the Northeast (think cheesesteaks and scrapple). “With this Yin and Yang, we hope to bring an entertaining and informative approach to the industry and those who make it hum,” McPhail said.Episodes of “What the M” begin airing mid-September and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.